Please use the search tool below to find registered home builders and home improvement contractors with the City of San Antonio that participate in the department’s Contractor Connect Program. For a description of the Contractor Connect program, visit our Contractor Registration & Licensing page and click on the “Contractor Connect” tab. (For a full listing of ALL registered contractors, click here.)

DSD continues to receive applications for home improvement and home builder contractors applying for the Registered Plus and Premier categories. The Contractor Connect online search tool will be updated as contractors are approved. Contractors are encouraged to apply throughout the year.

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The information presented on this page includes active contractors with the City who can secure permits. All information is assumed to be current, and may change as contractors update their statuses with the department. A contractor registration may be expired if the registration has exceeded the expiration date. A contractor registration may be inactivated for a variety of reasons, such as, but not limited to: (1) contractor has unpaid fees for more than 90 days; (2) expired insurance; (3) customer complaints; (4) required continuing education not current. For additional information, please contact 210-207-1111.
This list of contractors is provided to you as a courtesy to assist you in a search for assistance in structural repair, rehabilitation, or home building.  You are encouraged to conduct your own independent search for qualified contractors and businesses whose products and services will fit your needs.  The minimum qualifications for this list of contractors is that the business has registered with the City.  Being listed or not listed is in no way an endorsement by the City of the quality of the services or products of the businesses and contractors.  The City of San Antonio does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the quality of the services or products offered by these contractors.  The City does not warranty that the services and products offered by the listed businesses will be up to minimum Code standards.   The City may not be held liable or responsible in any way, either as a primary party, a third party or as a but-for-causation party for any claim stemming from dissatisfaction, breach of contract, fraud, or any other claim resulting from your use of the services of these contractors.