Alamo Citizen Advisory Committee

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Liaison: Rhea Roberts - (210) 207-5735

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. William (Bill) Brendel District 905/02/201405/31/2023
Mr. George Cisneros District 502/13/201805/31/2023
Mr. Anthony Edwards District 205/02/201405/31/2023
Mr William "Wendell" Hall District 1003/01/202105/31/2023
Ms. Christine Jacobs Mayoral03/01/202105/31/2023
Mrs. Melissa Castro Killen District 803/19/202105/31/2023
Dr. Carey Latimore Mayoral03/01/202105/31/2023
Ms. Ann McGlone Mayoral03/14/201805/31/2023
Ms. Patricia Mejia District 305/02/201405/31/2023
Dr. Socorro Morales District 702/14/202205/31/2023
Ms. Sue Ann Pemberton Mayoral05/02/201405/31/2023
Mr. Roger Perez District 105/02/201405/31/2023
Mr. Davis Phillips Mayoral05/02/201405/31/2023
Ms. Aaronette Pierce Mayoral03/01/202105/31/2023
Mr. Rudolph F. Rodriguez District 405/02/201405/31/2023
Mr. Frank Z. Ruttenberg Mayoral05/02/201405/31/2023
Dr. Sharon Skrobarcek Mayoral05/02/201405/31/2023
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2021
Vacancy District 6  05/31/2023
Mr. Ramon J. Vasquez Mayoral05/02/201405/31/2023

Total Members for Alamo Citizen Advisory Committee: 21 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version