Charter Review Commission

Board Description
Board Composition:The Charter Review Commission will be composed of thirteen members as follows: 7 Community Representatives; 2 Former Elected City Officials; 1 Former City Employee; 1 Individual with Expertise in Municipal Law; 1 Individual with Expertise in Human Resources Management; 1 Individual with Expertise in Municipal Finance.
Appointed by:Mayor
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:Mayoral
Mission/Purpose:The Charter Review Commission is charged with reviewing the Charter of the City of San Antonio to identify obsolete, inconsistent, or unwieldy sections or terms; to study the issues of Council pay, and the filling of the office of the Mayor in the event of a midterm vacancy; and make other suggestions for amendment that it finds advisable. The Commission shall bring all recommended amendments to the City Council for consideration. The Commission is further charged with the continued review of the Charter, and to bring recommendations to the City Council for consideration for future Charter amendment elections.
Meeting Schedule & Location:
Website Information:
Ordinance/Articles of Incorporation/By Laws:2014-08-07-0519

Liaison: Alex Morgan - (210) 207-2085

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2019
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2019
Dr. Thomas F. Brereton Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Mrs. Bonnie J. Conner Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Dr. Charles Lee Cotrell Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Dr. Henry Flores IIMayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Mr. Hilliard Drew Galloway Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Mr. Francisco J. Garza Jr.Mayoral12/18/201405/31/2019
Mr. Donald John Gonzales Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Mrs. Bonnie Prosser Elder Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Ms Patti Patricia Radle Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Dr. Gloria G. Rodriguez Mayoral03/28/201805/31/2019
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2019
Ms. Margaret Wilson-Anaglia Mayoral03/08/201705/31/2019

Total Members for Charter Review Commission: 13 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version