City of San Antonio Texas Education Facilities Corporation

Board Description
Board Composition:The City of San Antonio Education Facilities Corporation Board of Directors is comprised of the Mayor, each City Councilmember, the finance Director, and the City Clerk for two-year terms. The Corporation is organized solely and exclusively for the purpose of aiding non-profit institutions of higher education in providing educational facilities and housing facilities by issuing revenue bonds for said purposes on behalf of the City. Meetings are held as needed during City Council A Sessions in the Council Chambers.
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District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:
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Liaison: Sai Vongchampa - (210) 207- 8163

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Councilmember Greg Brockhouse Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember John Courage Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember Shirley Gonzales Other06/24/201305/31/2019
Mr. Ben Gorzell Other06/24/201005/31/2019
Mayor Ron Nirenberg Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember Manny Peláez Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember Clayton H. Perry Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember Rey Saldaña Other06/01/201105/31/2019
Councilmember Ana E. Sandoval Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember William Cruz Shaw Other06/01/201705/31/2019
Councilmember Roberto C. Trevino Other06/01/201505/31/2019
Ms. Leticia M. Vacek Other06/24/201005/31/2019
Councilmember Rebecca J. Viagran Other06/24/201305/31/2019

Total Members for City of San Antonio Texas Education Facilities Corporation: 11 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version