Conservation Advisory Board

Board Description
Board Composition:The Conservation Advisory Board is comprised of nine (9) members serving for two-year, concurrent terms. Board members may be reappointed indefinitely so long as they remain eligible in a given category.
Appointed by:City Council
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:Other
Categories:Representatives from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Edwards Aquifer Authority, San Antonio River Authority, San Antonio Water System, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, The Economic Development Foundation, Medina County, Uvalde County, and the Director of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department
Mission/Purpose:The Conservation Advisory Board was originally created on April 6, 2000, to provide input and advice to City Council on the development of the approved sales tax, Proposition No. 3 entitled "Park Development and Expansion Venue Project." The Board continued in this capacity when in 2005, 2010 and 2015 voters approved Propositions No. 1, "Edwards Aquifer Protection Venue Project," which continues the City's program of protecting the Edwards Aquifer.
Meeting Schedule & Location:Meetings are generally held on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 1:00 PM in Plaza Room C at the Municipal Plaza Building. Meeting dates and locations are subject to change.
Website Information:
Ordinance/Articles of Incorporation/By Laws:91566

Liaison: Phillip Covington - (210) 207-3003

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mrs. Jessica Alderson Other04/04/201905/31/2023
Mr. Brock J Curry Other10/01/202005/31/2023
Mr. Rogelio Garcia Other04/04/201905/31/2023
Mr. Homer Garcia, III Other07/19/201905/31/2023
Mr. Stephen Graham Other03/05/202005/31/2023
Dr. Russell Alan Persyn Other04/04/201905/31/2023
Mr. Robert Richard Puente Other10/01/202005/31/2023
Dr Francine Sanders Romero Other10/01/202005/31/2023
Vacancy Other  05/31/2021

Total Members for Conservation Advisory Board: 9 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version