Employee Management Committee

Board Description
Board Composition:1 City Manager’s Office Representative, 3 Department Directors, 1 Human Resources Representative, 1 Organizational Representative from each registered employee association, 1 Employee Representative from each registered employee association, 1 Representative from each EEO Category
Appointed by:City Manager; Registered Employee Organization; and EEO Representative appointed by election
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:Other
Mission/Purpose:Provides an avenue for employees, City management, and registered employee associations representing civilian employees to discuss issues and concerns related to employment conditions.
Meeting Schedule & Location:Meetings take place on a Wednesday once a quarter at 111 Soledad, Suite 100 from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM.
Website Information:https://www.sanantonio.gov/EmployeeInformation/Relations/EMC
Ordinance/Articles of Incorporation/By Laws:99630

Liaison: Laura Palmer - (210) 207-0089

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. Roger Arnold Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Robert Jones Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Ms. Elizabeth Rios Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Henry Bassuk Other12/01/201609/30/2021
Ms. Rachel Cavazos Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Ms. Alma Cunningham Other02/01/200509/30/2021
Ms. Renee Frieda Other02/28/201309/30/2021
Ms. Victoria Garcia Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mrs. Florence Harper-Owens Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Heber Lefgren Other09/30/201909/30/2021
Mr. David McCary Other08/01/200909/30/2021
Mr. Ivan Munoz Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Stephen Paez Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Jorge Perez Other05/30/201209/30/2021
Mr. Homero Perez Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Mr. Rudy Rosales Other02/01/200509/30/2021
Mr. Cresencio Sandoval Other07/29/201609/30/2021
Mr. Manuel Serrano Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Ms. Lori Steward Other07/13/201509/30/2021
Mr. Roger Tamez Other10/01/201909/30/2021
Vacancy Other  09/30/2021
Ms. Sheri Van Horsen Other10/01/201909/30/2021

Total Members for Employee Management Committee: 22 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version