Neighborhood Improvements Advisory Committee

Board Description
Board Composition:NIAC is comprised of seventeen (17) City of San Antonio residents (Chair appointed by the Mayor, 10 Individuals representing 10 City Council Districts, 5 individuals residing near Neighborhood Improvement Areas appointed by Mayor, 1 individual representing a Housing-related board or commission appointed by Mayor), who serve without pay. NIAC serves in an advisory capacity. Members serve overlapping two-year terms with no limit on the number of terms that may be served.
Appointed by:City Council
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:Mixed: Mayoral & District
Mission/Purpose:The purpose of the Neighborhood Improvements Advisory Committee is to provide ongoing citizen feedback to the City of San Antonio throughout the implementation of the voter approved $20 million Neighborhood Improvements Bond Program.
Meeting Schedule & Location:NIAC meets ad hoc at the Central Library Auditorium
Website Information:For more information, visit

Liaison: Jaime Lalley Damron - (210) 207-2065

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Rev. Thomas Heger District 102/20/201705/31/2019
Mr. Ruben Ernesto Guerrero District 201/23/201805/31/2019
Vacancy District 3  05/31/2019
Mr Johnny Arredondo District 402/13/202005/31/2021
Mrs. Cynthia Jo Alejos District 512/14/201705/31/2019
Mrs Larissa Martinez District 601/25/202105/31/2021
Vacancy District 7  05/30/2021
Vacancy District 8  05/31/2019
Ms. Elizabeth Colleen Waguespack District 902/21/201705/31/2021
MRS. RAINE TELISA TANNER District 1008/09/201905/31/2021
Mr. Taylor Allen Mayoral11/20/201705/31/2019
Mr. Gregory Lee Bolds Sr.Mayoral01/16/201905/31/2021
Mr. Ramon Flores Mayoral03/02/201705/31/2021
Ms. Andrea Sanchez Mayoral11/20/201705/31/2021
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2017
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2019
Vacancy Mayoral  05/31/2019

Total Members for Neighborhood Improvements Advisory Committee: 17 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version