San Antonio Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission

Board Description
Board Composition:The San Antonio Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission consists of 13 voting Members who serve a two year term, and 19 non-voting Members. The District 2 Councilmember appoints up to 20 Commissioners, and the Committee Chairs may appoint up to 30 additional Commissioners serving on its subcommittee. A quorum of seven (7) voting members is required to conduct business on the Commission's agenda.
Appointed by:District 2 Councilmember
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:District; Appointments do not require City Council approval.
Categories:The Dr. Martin Luther King Commission is comprised of 13 voting members each serving a two-year term and 19 non-voting members. Council District 2 appoints the Commission members. A quorum of 7 voting members is required to conduct business on the Commission’s agenda. Voting members include District 2 residents who apply to be on the MLK Commission and the following respective Chairs: Council District 2 Staff Appointee, Commemorative Program Chair, Finance Chair, Interfaith Service Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Summit Chair, Program Chair, Outreach and Sponsorship Chair, and Wreath Laying Chair and Co-Chair.
Mission/Purpose:The mission of the San Antonio Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission is to promote human equality, the principles of nonviolence, and the understanding and acceptance of racial harmony, understanding, respect, and goodwill among citizens, all as a way of building community among all citizens of San Antonio and across the United States. The San Antonio Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission organizes the annual MLK March and leads the community effort of various events paying tribute to Dr. King. The wide variety of educational, inspirational and celebratory events take place at locations across the City.
Meeting Schedule & Location:MLK Commission meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm at the Claude Black Center located at 2805 East Commerce, 78219.
Website Information:For more information, please visit
Ordinance/Articles of Incorporation/By Laws:Resolution 86-15-19
2011 Bi-Laws
2017 Bi-Laws

Liaison: Dr. Jennifer Mata - (210) 207-7892

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Ms. Briyana Boone District 207/05/202305/31/2025
Mr. Trent Breitung District 207/05/202305/31/2025
Ms. Mary A. Fulton-Moore District 207/31/201705/31/2025
Ms. Le Reta Gatlin-McDavid District 209/23/202105/31/2025
Ms. Judy Lackritz District 209/23/202105/31/2025
Mr. Russell LeDay District 207/31/201705/31/2025
Mr. Harold C. Moore District 207/31/201705/31/2025
Ms. Mia F. Morris District 208/02/201805/31/2025
Ms. Anastasia Nunn District 207/05/202305/31/2025
Dr. Doshie Piper District 209/23/202105/31/2025
Ms. Francine Prosser-Johnson District 208/10/202005/31/2025
Ms. Valerie Joyce Reiffert District 207/05/202305/31/2025
Mr. Dwayne Andrew Robinson District 204/05/202205/31/2025
Rev. Debra D Seward District 207/05/202305/31/2025
Ms. Ananda Sunshine Tomas District 207/06/202305/31/2025
Vacancy District 2  05/31/2023
Vacancy District 2  05/31/2023
Vacancy District 2  05/31/2025
Dr. George A. Williams Jr.District 204/11/201905/31/2025
Bishop Rosa L. Wilson District 209/12/202205/31/2025

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