San Antonio Housing Finance Corporation

Board Description
Board Composition:The San Antonio Housing Finance Corporation (the Corporation) is a public non-profit corporation. Powers of the Corporation are vested in a Board of Directors, consisting of seven persons, each of whom is appointed by the City Council. The members of the Board of Commissioners of the San Antonio Housing Authority shall serve as members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation. The Corporation issues tax exempt revenue bonds for the purpose of providing financing for Moderate Rehabilitation Housing under the provisions of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. Meetings are held on an as-needed basis.
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Ordinance/Articles of Incorporation/By Laws:Resolution 81-33-62

Liaison: Marissa Perez - (210) 477-6000

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Ms. Jo-Anne Kaplan Mayoral01/16/201908/26/2020
Ms. Sofia A. Lopez Mayoral01/16/201908/26/2019
Ms. Marie R. McClure Mayoral03/10/201608/26/2017
Dr. Morris A. Stribbling Mayoral03/06/201308/26/2016
Vacancy Mayoral  08/26/2016
Vacancy Mayoral  08/26/2019
Mrs. Jessica Weaver Mayoral03/10/201608/26/2016

Total Members for San Antonio Housing Finance Corporation: 7 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version