San Antonio Youth Commission

Board Description
Board Composition:Appointed by the Mayor and City Council
Appointed by:City Council
District; At-Large; Mayoral Appointment:District
Mission/Purpose:To serve as a representative of the youth voice in San Antonio and provide an outlet to youth to civically engage with our city through advocacy and community service.
Meeting Schedule & Location:Meet 10 times during the calendar year (from August to May).
Website Information:

Liaison: Rebecca Flores & Amy Poston - 210-207-8221

NameDistrictAppointed DateDate Expires
Mr. Diego Antonio Lopez District 108/06/202005/31/2021
Mr. Nicolas Robert Whelan District 109/10/202005/31/2021
Ms. Nickoll Santos Garcia District 201/30/202005/31/2021
Miss Zion Minor District 204/12/201805/31/2019
Miss Victoria Rose Davis District 306/22/201705/31/2019
Miss Elizabeth N. De La Rosa District 309/06/201805/31/2019
Miss Kaitlyn Peaches Lomas District 412/03/202005/31/2021
Miss Clara Lynn Sobery District 402/13/202005/31/2021
Miss Maritza N. Anguiano District 505/31/201805/31/2019
Miss Genesis M. Ruiz District 510/04/201805/31/2019
Miss Rena Piril Estala District 611/12/202005/31/2021
Mr. Michael Anthony Valdez District 611/12/202005/31/2021
Ms. Liliana C. Orozco District 711/01/201805/31/2019
Mr. Alejo Xoaquin Pena Soto District 703/05/202005/31/2021
Ms. Daniela Adira Garza District 808/06/202005/31/2021
Ms Shivani Modadugu District 810/01/202005/31/2021
Ms. Madelyn Sophia Elizondo District 911/04/202005/31/2021
Miss Hannah Guan District 911/04/202005/31/2021
Miss Maya J. Mackey District 1008/02/201805/31/2021
Miss Danniella Danice Ongmanchi District 1006/16/201605/31/2019
Miss Jacqueline Paige Campos Mayoral12/05/201905/31/2021
Mr. Erik Peterson Mayoral11/14/201905/31/2021

Total Members for San Antonio Youth Commission: 22 City of San Antonio - Agenda Details Printable Version