Commercial/Residential: *
Type of Work: *
Tree Affidavit Option: *
# of Lots: *
Valuation: *
Tree Options Description
A1 Affidavit Option 1 - Site has no protected, significant, heritage, or historic trees
A2 Affidavit Option 2 - Site has protected trees, but this work will in no way cause damage to or the destruction of said trees
P1 Permit Option 1 - Site has Rights Determination (RD aka Vested Rights)/Consent Agreement (CA)
P2 Permit Option 2 - Site has protected, significant, heritage, or historic trees that will be removed
PAID Preservation fees paid and a previous plan has been approved for this site
Note: Although every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of these calculations, they should be used as estimates only.
For estimates on multiple commercial buildings, please call 207-0143.